Lobster Trap Table - Flat Top

This is a high quality replica of the traps used by North Atlantic lobstermen during the second half of the 20th century. Composed of 50 individual pieces of solid oak, this table is a beautiful accent piece that is a nice addition to any family room or den. Hand-rubbed linseed oil brings out a golden luster and highlights the grain of the oak?s natural beauty. No nails or staples are used in the construction of this fine piece of furniture. Pre-drilled zinc-plated screws attach the frame and slats, while nylon brackets securely hold the authentic head nets in place. Nylon feet protect your hardwood floors. The top cover has brass hinges that allows this table to double as a magazine or knick-knack holder. The base of this sturdy table measures 22" x 32" and the top measures 18" x 32". The table is 16" in height. Note: An optional abrasion resistant plexiglass top can be added to your order or you may choose to purchase a glass top at your local glass store for about $40. A limited number of these tables are hand-crafted by Seacoast Classics; buy yours now before they are forever lost to history.
Lobster Trap Table - Flat Top
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Price $199.00

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